A Mirror. And You. You're standing in your bathroom , some water on your face . You look in your eyes . For the last time. You are prepared . Excited yet proud . Your name will disappear, otherwise it would be far too dangerous . But you will ascend . Your training ended last week . No time to celebrate . You have been assigned a mission and you'll be picked up in the next few minutes . The last few minutes in your bath . This will soon no longer be your bathroom . No trace of sadness. On The Contrary. You know that you can do something now . You fight for your home , your family, your friends . And for you. You 're ready .

Your home planet is under attack. Several enemy ships are traveling to attack the planet. Your outposts have been destroyed. In order to contain the damage spies are transported on the enemy ships. And you're one of them .

Michael Hamburger, 28.05.2015