We are proud to present to you an early alpha version of our next game: Idle Raiders. Idle Raiders is an idle game where you manage your own little band of dungeon-raiding heroes and lead them to victory in the toughest raiding dungeons their world has to offer. Idle Raiders is meant to simulate the raiding experience many of you know from most online MMORPGs. You gather with a group of heroes and venture into dungeons (the so-called "Raids") to defeat whatever lies within and claim it's precious loot. The game captures the unique feeling of struggle, progression and slow work towards success which is unique to this experience.

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You send your heroes by farming on various different maps, gathering experience points, potions, scrolls and other things which will prepare your for your journey into the rather challenging raiding dungeons, using the acquired loot dropped by bosses to improve and customize your raiders. While preparing, your little home base will get many different visitors, and you will witness various events which happen throughout the world. You might even find secrets here and there...

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The game can be played here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/pitforest/idle-raiders

It is currently in early alpha, and we're constantly releasing patches and content updates to improve the game. If you want to help shape what the game might become in the future, you should join our community over at www.reddit.com/r/idleraiders where people actively discuss with other players and us (the developers) and make suggestions for the game, many of which have already been implemented as a direct result.

We hope you have a lot of fun playing the game and look towards its future as much as we do!

Travis Gesslein, 27.05.2015