Our Philosophy

What do we want in the future?

  • We want to see people playing our games and have fun.
  • We want to make games for the people, to enjoy their free time.
  • We want you to have fun.
  • We want you to dream.

What should a game be like?

  • A good game is like a book or even a person. It tells you a story you will never forget.
  • We don’t want you to forget the world around you. We want you to experience another.
  • Alex: I grew up with games, and I want to take them back where they started … games about fun, not about making money.

What are our targets?

  • Alex: I don’t want money. I just want enough to live and with that, giving you the opportunity to have fun.
  • Alex: I am selfish. you want to know why? One reason why I wanted to start a Company is that I wanted to keep my friends close to me and give them a future. Another one is to have the power to change the world of gaming.

What looks the person like we want to make games for?

Our target-group?


Alexander Otte, 25.05.2015